Did Dr. Jose Rizal deserve to be a national hero?

February 3, 2007

Dr. Jose P. Rizal is a hero, yes, but was he worthy to be considered as our national hero? In my own opinion, he only became a hero because his family was rich and famous. They were rich that he had a private tutor. So rich that he was sent to Manila to study to prestigious school and even sent to Spain to widen his wisdom.  Because of his family’s fortune, he also gained friends and among them were very well-known and were respected to the society. Without his family’s money, he would not be able to prosper and improved himself hence, was able to see the disparity between the rich and the poor and even witnessed the maltreatment of the friars against the Filipinos including the abuses of the Spanish officials who was then running our country.

On the other hand, we might as well consider him as a national hero because he’s a multifaceted individual both through the mind and manipulative areas, not to mention his inherit character and the love to people, especially to the poor.  His sensitivity to the needs of others was overwhelming as evidenced by his sincere services to the people as doctor, engineer, teacher, artist, farmer and the like.  He fought through his pen, books and knowledge. He did not fight through guns and swords. With the articles he has written, of which most of the topics discussed were all about slavery and abused, he has touched lives, awakened the people, but also provoked the Spaniards thus sent him to jail. But even then, he was still fighting, not for himself or for his family, but more for his people, for us through his ideas, through poems and other written articles.

But whether a national hero or not, he did a very good job for us considering the fact that he had set us all free from slavery and better education. He’s a very good example and an inspiration to us, most specially to students because of his intelligence and boldness. He was not a traitor. He had faced death with boldness. He had proven the saying that goes, ”A pen is mightier than sword”.